Sunday, April 30, 2017

G. Wright - May 1-5

Monday, Wednesday and Friday:

First Block: Students in history will receive a packet in class today on the fifty states, their capitals and some of the things each state is known for.   They will prepare for a quiz on Friday.

Third Block:  The English class will continue working on sequencing events in a story.  We will work on answering comprehension questions.

Fourth Block:  The business class will continue working on on-line job applications.  Students will be required to complete a job application independently using paper and pencil on Friday.

Tuesday and Thursday:

First Block:  The math class will begin reviewing basic math skills to include addition and subtraction for this week.

Third Block:  Students in science class will review seasons of the year along with the calendar.

Fourth Block:  Review and practice for completing paper and pencil job applications for quiz on Friday.

Gianna Wright
Pebblebrook High School

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