Sunday, April 23, 2017

G. Wright - April 24-28

Monday, Wednesday and Friday:

First Block:  Students will work on review division with and without remainders this week.

Third Block:  Students in science will create a project on the seasons.   They will select a season, describe the features of that season and set up a scenario of what they would do during that season.
This project will be shared with the class on Friday.

Fourth Block:  The students in business class will learn and practice how to complete job applications.  We will learn how to do a handwritten as well as one on-line.

Tuesday and Thursday:

First Block:  The history class will complete a project on one of the (50) states.  This will include capital city, state bird, industry, song, population, etc.  Students will have to find at least 15 to 20 facts about their chosen state.

Third Block:  The English class will begin working on learning how to read short passages and answer literal comprehension questions.

Fourth Block:   We will continue to work on completing job applications.  Some students will work on handwritten and others will work on-line.

Gianna Wright
Pebblebrook High School

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